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We have chosen the Peltor Optime II noise-canceling earcups as they combine a modern design with a tapered line to an excellent soundproofing level and good comfort thanks to its wide and soft pads that reduce the pressure exerted around the ear.

To make the earcups aesthetically more attractive, we offer a carbon look finish that perfectly fits the line of our carbon helmets.


One of the strengths of our company is the technology we have made for the various installations, our primary goals have always been the quality of materials used and the constant search for new emerging technologies on the market to be always at the forefront, to satisfy the most technological and to astonish our customers.


We always try to satisfy those who make special requests, so if you don’t find what you are looking for between products below, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make your request. We will surely try to please you.




-   Peltor Optime II Headphones

-   Noise emission 31 dB (SNR)

-   Radio system for dual band and aeronautical frequency

-   Bluetooth system

-   Universal helmet attachment or support bracket 

-   Microphone on flexible shaft and sponge microphone cover

-   Volume control

-   PTT on the left (on the right upon request)

-   Detachable external cable with connectors for most commercial radios

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